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I'm a versatile writer contributing a wide-ranging variety of travel articles to newspapers, magazines and websites (see below). These may be straightforward destination pieces, food and restaurant reviews, light-hearted and informative round-ups or more evocative personal narrativesRegularly weekly or monthly columns for both newspapers and magazines demonstrate my ability to produce reliable, ongoing copy.

I'm an expert on river, expedition and luxury cruising. (For more, click here.Literature, museums, architecture and history are often recurring themes in my culture-based stories. I'll give any activity a go, but I'm particularly happy when writing about hiking and skiing. I first strapped on a pair of skis in the Swiss Alps at the age of two, and haven't stopped (or even broken a bone) since.

Most familiar destinations? As a 25-year resident of Sydney, I know Australia well, and make frequent domestic trips. I spent another 20 years living in Switzerland, speak fluent French, and return to Switzerland and other European destinations at least twice a year.​ And lastly, I also lived in Chengdu in China for three years and return to China regularly.​ I'm a committed sinophile, wish I spoke better Mandarin, but draw the line at eating chicken's feet.

Incidentally, I don't just confine myself to travel writing. I also write other feature articles on a wide variety of topics, including health and wellbeing, history, culture and food.

Click through below for samples of some of my articles in various styles.

Cover Stories

Poland: This is Europe's next boom destination. Click here.

Destination pieces

An astounding wildlife encounter in French Polynesia. Click here.

Culture articles

The Swiss museum for people who think art is boring. Click here.

Personal narratives

The only place in the world where every day is a holiday. Click here.

Food stories

The best food destination you've never heard of. Click here.

Restaurant reviews

Dining at Banyan Tree Phuket's Saffron Restaurant. Click here.

Hotel reviews

Yoshida-Sanso: This is Kyoto's best ryokan for a reason. Click here.

Skiing articles

Skiing and dining make Lech a standout resort. Click here.


World's 10 most spectacular sunset locations. Click here.

Travel advice

Travel tips and advice for group tours in a newspaper cover story. Click here.


Below is a select list of the publications to which I've contributed in the past, or contribute to currently.


Currently my most frequent outlet is the shared Traveller section of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (on Saturdays) and The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age (on Sundays). Articles are further syndicated in numerous regional Australian and New Zealand newspapers and published online at, Australia’s most-visited travel website. Click here for a list of my articles in Traveller.


I have also contributed frequently to Escape travel section shared by four newspapers, and the most widely-circulated print travel title in Australia. Click here for a list of my articles in Escape.

The Guardian (UK)

The Australian (Australia)

Australian Financial Review (Australia)
Christchurch Press (New Zealand)

Courier-Mail (Australia)
Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Herald Sun (Australia)

Southland Times (New Zealand)

Sunday Herald Sun (Australia)
Sunday Mail (Australia)
Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
Sunday Times (Australia)

CEO Magazine (Australia)

DestinAsian (Singapore)
Dubai Voyager (UAE)
Frequent Traveller (Singapore)
Get Lost! (Australia)
Holidays with Kids (Australia)
International Traveller (Australia)

National Geographic Traveller (Australia)

Travel Bulletin (Australia)

Travel Ideas (South Africa)
Travel Talk (Australia)
Vacations & Travel (Australia)

Cedar Wings (Lebanon)

Colours Magazine (Indonesia)
Jetstar Magazine (Australia)
Mabuhay (Philippines)
Morning Calm (Korea)
Open Skies (UAE)
Oryx (Qatar)

Portfolio (UAE)
The Australian Way (Australia)
Silhouette (Seychelles)
Silver Kris (Singapore)

Virgin Voyeur (Australia)


Destination NSW (Australia)

Expedia (UK and USA)
Flightcentre (Australia) (Australia)
Nine MSN (Australia) (New Zealand) (Australia)

Travel Intelligence (UK)

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