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I'm one of Australia's most respected travel writers, publishing regular long-length cover stories and shorter articles alike in the country's highest-circulation newspapers, as well as contributing to magazines, websites and other publications worldwide. I'm the former editor of a leading travel magazine and the author of three travelogues, as well as a contributing writer to three travel anthologies.

Though I write on a wide variety of topics, a particular area of expertise is cruising, with a focus on luxury, expedition and river cruises. I publish cruise stories in leading media outlets and have a weekly cruise column in Traveller, Australia's premier weekend newspaper travel section. 


I also produce corporate material for some of the world's leading travel and tourism companies and government organisations, such as e-newsletters, corporate magazine copy, website content, consumer brochures and targeted advertorial newspaper articles.







I've garnered a reputation as a thoughtful travel writer, not just for the quality and insights of my articles, but for my professionalism in dealing with editors, PR representatives and tourism operators.

These pages provide a full account of my work, samples of my travel articles and photography and information about my areas of expertise.

"informative, entertaining and insightful
about the nature of travel"

(Robin Gerster, Australian Book Review)




YES INDEED, THE WORLD IS FULL OF OTHER TRAVEL WRITERS. Or make that travel writer wannabes, part-timers, hobbyists and hucksters. As most editors know, a full-time, professional, courteous, ego-free travel writer is rare as a Hottentot in Lapland. So please consider:

​EXPERIENCE: I've had my travel writing published for over 20 years in major newspapers and magazines worldwide, as well as online, and won numerous travel-writing awards.

​EDITORIAL UNDERSTANDING: I've been an editor myself, of a leading Australian travel magazine, and understand the publishing process, requirements and pressures from the other side of the desk.

​QUALITY COPY: ​Long practice in copy-editing jobs and a masters degree in English Language counts. I don't produce bad spelling and grammar, just stylish sentences. I might even know how to use a semi-colon.

​PUNCTUALITY: A deadline is a deadline. Maybe it's because I grew up in Switzerland, but I'm never late. And I have no dog to eat my homework.

​VERSATILITY: With experience ranging from broadsheet and tabloid newspapers to magazines, newsletters and websites, I can vary my style and content to suit the publication.

​PROFESSIONALISM: I make a full-time living as a travel writer. It's not about a free holiday or a lifestyle. It's about running a business, meeting market needs, and doing it well.

​PHOTOGRAPHY: I can generally provide accompanying high-resolution, quality, properly captioned photography.




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